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Blokin Buddies

Embark on a puzzle filled journey into the cube-crafted world of Blokin Buddies

Engage your brain and unlock all the Blokin world has to offer. Clever and logical play leads to bonuses! Easy to learn, hard to master, Blokin Buddies is a wonderful and engaging addition to the puzzle genre.



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Put your abilities to the test and try to master power and precision with your ball control in Ballistikk.

Send your ball hurtling across 50 fiendish levels with golf-like simple controls.

Patience and a steady hand is required to take on these taxing puzzle arenas and will lead you to mastery of your ball. Hold your nerve, focus and don't back down to find that perfect shot to hit the big points. You got this!



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Go on an adventurous journey into the cube-crafted world of Blokin.


Guide the bumbling Blokin folk across 60 atmospheric arenas with single-swipe simple controls.


Plot your path through the perplexing puzzles and soak in the striking stylized visuals with an adorable bouncy soundtrack! Taking your time and strategising your path will give you the best shot at reaching the arena exit in the least number of moves. Can you find the perfect path and attain 3 Happy Blocks?


Take the adventure to another world with Augmented Reality. Transport the world of Blokin to the real world for added immersion in a beautiful AR experience. Easily accessed on AR-capable iOS devices via the pause menu.


The world of Blokin awaits you...