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A beautifully simple puzzle game

Blokin is a super-cute minimalist puzzle game where the player must guide the bumbling Blokin folk across 60 arenas. The goal is to guide the Blokin's to the exit tiles in each arena in the least number of moves.

Plot your path through the perplexing puzzles arenas, taking your time and strategising your path. Planning ahead with a sprinkle of logical thinking will give you the best chance to find the perfect path and attain the 3 Happy Blokin rating.

Don't worry! You can check out your ratings and replay levels with ease and with a cast of cute characters to choose from that will brighten up your day, the cube-crafted world of Blokin awaits you...

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Go on an adventurous journey into the cube-crafted world of Blokin. Guide the bumbling Blokin folk across 50+ atmospheric arenas and soak in the striking stylized visuals with a marvellously mellow soundtrack to help keep you calm and collected.

The world of Blokin awaits you...


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Dev diary

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